October 9, 2018

​Standard and preferred pharmacies have many differences, making a preferred pharmacy fit customer’s needs more. This comes into play if you are enrolled in a Medicare

Part D (PDP) or a Medicare Advantage Part D (MAPD). The first difference being a preferred pharmacy offers lower copays for drugs covered by Part D. These pharmacies are few compared to standard pharmacies and they purposefully sell at a lower cost. A standard pharmacy will usually charge a higher copay.

Remember how we talked about the Donut Hole Gap in our last blog? Well, with using a preferred pharmacy, you can delay reaching this gap because of a preferred pharmacy’s ability to keep your overall prescription drug cost down. Before you call to fill your prescription, use your insurance plan’s preferred pharmacy locator to find one of the few in your area. Make sure you find a plan that makes this process easy for you. The plan should have a tracker for preferred pharmacies on their website or mobile app.

preferred vs standard pharmacy

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